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"Accidentally"superstar Adele Kissed This Lucky[Nigerian] Fan On Stage

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A Nigerian super fan of British singer Adele simply known as Wisdom has been the lucky recipient of a kiss from the singer in Canada. Adele got a bit of a surprise during one of her recent concerts on her American tour in Vancouver on Thursday, July 21, 2016. The Hello singer had invited a fan on stage and luckily it was the Nigerian super fan of hers that went on stage. When she found out that he flew all the way from Nigeria paying over N200,000 just to watch her sing live she allowed him a selfie with her.

When he tried to take a selfie with her, Adele accidentally give him a kiss right on the lips. Both of them looked to be in shock and it provided a very funny moment! Other audiences screamed and applauded them. “Oh my god, "I haven’t been kissed by another man in like six years!" He just snogged me! Thank God my man ain’t here. Thanks for the kiss!” Adele jokingly said. Wisdom was so ecstatic that he jumped for joy on his kissing Adele. Call that a dream come true.

"After the kiss I literally lost it," he wrote on Twitter afterwards, adding that he's "very lucky, very blessed."

The excited young man with Snap chat name, Wisdom, was quick to shared the unforgettable moment via social media.

Of course, they captured the priceless moment with a selfie. video above or it didn't happen, am i right or am i right?!


  1. Just to see ur fellow human
    being they sing, u come
    waste all that money to
    travel for this kyn period
    wey d country economy bad.

  2. Well, God for you, Wisdom. I hope that covers the 200k.