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Before You Put A Screen Lock On Your Phone Read This

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"A friend of mine was involved in a a motor accident on his way makurdi, somewhere in a remote part of benue state, according to eye witnesses he became unconscious and was rushed to the local health centre around that area for first aid treatment.

The good samaritans that helped were able to locate his two phones and they tried contacting his family or friends to inform them of his where about, but to their disappointment the two phones were locked. He stayed in the state of coma for two good days before finally giving up the ghost, because the local health centre lacked the professionals to keep him alive.

Had his phone been accessible he might have stood a better chance of being alive today.

So avoid putting a screen lock on all your phones, it's okay to lock certain applications that may contain personal messages and informations e.g mobile banking app, WhatsApp e.t.c. but at least leave the contact list accessible to everybody, DON'T PUT A SCREEN LOCK.

This might just save your life.

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