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How To Activate/Enable WiFi Tethering On Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

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The Sprint Galaxy S7 is a hugely successful smartphone phone packing a whole lot incredible specs as it is the world’s first dual-pixel camera smartphone. It also features a massive 4gb RAM, 4G LTE, Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, dust and water proof technology and lots more. The Specs are absolutely fantastic but there is something unusuallylacking on these two Galaxy devices.
Few Telecom carriers like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile etc, don't allow their users to use WiFi tethering feature for free. So the placed a restriction on the tethering option because the corporate agreed to monetize the services but as usual, since the devices are running on android OS which is an open source, we have"rigmarrolled" to find a way to tweak and "enable WiFi tethering features on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge"Thanks to fellow tweakers at XDA as it was a generalcombinatorial work to arrive at this best method to achieve our aim and give Samsung users a more better thing to hold unto as this same method can work perfectly for other Samsung Galaxy cellphones like theSprint Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and Galaxy Note 4without rooting them. 

The good news is the same trick works on the Sprint Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge too. So the steps i will release here will help any SamsungGalaxy user with the Sprint carrier to easily "bypass the restriction on the WiFi tethering feature" on the devices mentioned above.
Note:Some carriers try to patch some exploits through firmware updates. So in case it didn't work for you, your device is probably a victim to that update. Just keep tuned as i will continue updating this page to fixany any new exploit from the carriers.How Can I Enable WiFi Tethering on Sprint Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge? No Root Required

Step 1:Before you begin, you need to get yourMSL codefrom Sprint (carrier)To get the code, you simply call the Sprint customer service (their number is on your phone pack) and askto give you the MSL code after saying an alibi like slow connection.Alternatively, you can also get the code via anyMSL Utility appthat you are sure works on your device.
Step 2:Now open the dialer and enter##DATA# (##3282#)
Step 3Tap on the Edit button in the popup and input your MSL code and tap OK.
Step 4:Now go to APN settings from the Mobile Networks menu and open "APN2 EHRPD Internet" and "APN2 LTE internet" individually and change APN Type to default, MMS, dun.
Step 5:Finally, save both the APN configurations settings and restart your device.

Congrats! You just bypassed the WiFi tethering restrictions and should now be able to enjoy WiFi tethering on your Sprint Galaxy S7 or S7 henceforth. If you encounter any problem or still don't understandthe above tutorial, kindly drop your questions via the comments section.

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