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How To Bypass Tweakware Daily 150MB Limit And Use Premium Servers For Free Browsing

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How To Bypass Tweakware Daily 150MB Limit And Use Premium Servers For Free Browsing

Tweakware is one of the most powerful tools for phone users to access restricted website and web pages. Tweakware is also used to change your onlineidentity via the use of any county's IP of your choice just as it is done with Psiphon,SyphonShield,Netify,Pronet,Darknet,Netloopand other VPN applications.

One wonderful and interesting feature about Tweakware is that it is the most simplest to configure among other VPN apps available at the moment but trouble started when the owner of the application decided to go premium and start making money with it by placing a 150MB limit to the free servers (which are always encountering jam). This means that even if you are using a tweak that is unlimited, you will only be liable to 150MB.

You can now enjoy the premium features without paying a dime. I am always at this blog to attend to your requests and questions if you have any difficulties. Kindly use the comments box and please don't contact me privately if it relates to browsing tweaks. Every issue is solved on this blog so that everyone will benefit from it. 

Thanks for understanding.Follow me along as i show you the almighty trick to the planet of free unlimited browsing.Browsing Tweaks That Are Supported On Tweakware Premium

==>MTN 2go tweak
==>MTN Musicplus
==>MTN mega blast
==> Spectranet NG
==> Etisalat Chat Pack
==>Etisalat Socialme tweak
==> Swift 4G LTE
==>MTN 0.00 Tweak
==> Smile 4G

Country Servers That Are Available In Tweakware Premium
==> United States of America
==> Netherlands
==> Belgium
== Canada
==> Germany
==> Japan
==> United Kingdom
==> 3 Free Servers

Where Can I Download Latest Tweakware VPN?Download Latest Tweakware VPN apk app here
How Can I Bypass Tweakware 150mb Daily Limit?I will have to let you know that to achieve this, your phone must be rooted. Whether you are using a Tecno, Infinix, Gionee, iTel, Innjoo, Samsung, Xiaomi, or any other android device, it must be rooted first before you continue. If you are new to rooting or wantto root any of your Android device safely, check my posts onhow to root any android phone.
Once you have made sure your device is rooted, follow me along with below steps to bypass Tweakware daily 150mb allocation.

Step1:Download Device ID changer appfrom Google play store.

Step2:Once you have downloaded the app, launch it and it will request for permission, just grant it root permission (you see why you must root your phone)
Step3:Now, start browsing and immediately you reach the tweakware daily limit using the free server, just disconnect the tweakware app and return back to the device id changer application you downloaded on step 1 above⬆

Step4: I will advice you to backup your original android id (this is necessary in case your phone is still on warranty and you want to return it for any reason).

Step5:After backing up or noting down your android phone original ID, Now, itstime to generate a random ID you will use for tweakware. Just tap to random ID from the application.

Step6:Now that the random IP has been generated, you can now connect your tweakware vpn and enjoy the free servers again.

Anytime you use up the 150MB daily limit, what you will do is to just follow the above steps and the limit would be bypassed. Continue repeating the simple steps to enjoy the free servers unlimitedly.Next on my card is how you can use the tweakware premium for free without paying a dime or subscribing for it. At the end of the simple tutorial, you can now be enjoying the premium servers for freeand you know that the premium servers usuallybypass the Etisalat socialme speed throttlingissues which has made some people run away from it. Let me use this opportunity to remind you that the speedthrottling is easily bypassed on the weekly socialme than on the monthly socialme.How Do I Subscribe To Etisalat Social me Plans?
==> To subscribe to Etisalat monthly socialme plan, dial this code *343*6*11# ant it costs N500
==> To subscribe to Etisalat weekly socialme package, dial this code *343*6*10# and it costs N300Both of them are not data capped. 
That is, they are unlimited for the period you subscribed (weekly or monthly)

How to use Tweakware VPN Premium servers for free without paying a dime

Step1:By now i know you have downloaded tweakware app on your phone, now launch it and justselect the premium server that you wish to use for browsing.The fastest servers available on tweakware are United States, Netherlands and Germany so you can choose any of the above premium servers.

Step2:Now, simply connect any of the premium servers selected. The connection time will be on for the next 10secs.
Step3:At this point, go to tweakware Settings > VPN settings and tick the “compression” box.
 Step4:Having done that, go back to Settings menu > Account settings and then inputgeneralas the username and password.
 You might get duplicate login error, simply check back and input unregistered as username and password, and then just remove any letter from the word “unregistered”
.Step5:Go back to tweakware menu and connect

You will be connected to the premium server but if you are still getting duplicate login issue, usesuccessas username and password. You can also use your name as long as its up to 7 letters.

The above procedure has been tested with Etisalat socialme tweak and it worked flawlessly, the daily 150mb limit was eliminated and premium servers worked and speed throttling bypassed with Etisalat weekly socialme plan.

I believe this piece of article will go a long way to solve some of your browsing issues with tweakware VPN, as long as you are a regular reader and follower on this blog, you will always be meeting solutions to all your tech needs as am committed to see your time ⌚ here is not wasted but fruitful.

Do you still have questions? Kindly use the comment box below and i will attend to it as soon as possible.Happy Browsing!

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