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Man arrested for impregnating 16-year-old daughter

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Man arrested for impregnating 16-year-old daughter

The Lagos state police have arrested a 36-year-old man, Kennedy Michael for impregnating his 16-year-old daughter, persuaded her to have an abortion and for also molesting his neighbor’s 18-month-old baby girl.

According to the police, Michael was arrested after his neighbour Uche whose child was molested reported the case. She disclosed that: “Michael’s girlfriend, Ijeoma Ndukwe assisted in procuring abortion for his teenage daughter, Maria. Uche added that, when she discovered that something was wrong with Maria, she told her father who instructed that his lover should take her to the hospital. It was there that they discovered Maria was pregnant. After much interrogation the little girl confessed that, her father was responsible for her pregnancy. Ijeoma got angry and immediately confronted Michael who confessed to her. They both agreed to abort the pregnancy. One of their neighbours learnt about the abortion and alerted the appropriate authority. Ijeoma and Michael were arrested.”

After his arrest, Michael confessed that he has been sexually molesting his daughter since 2014, when she was about 14-years-old. However Michael and Maria’s mother separated a long time ago and he brought his daughter to Lagos, to live with him.

His neighbor revealed that: “Michael ‘fingered’ (molested) a neighbor’s 18-month-old baby.”

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The child’s father, Uche said: “My wife wanted to bathe our child and discovered she had a tear inside her private part. Before then, it was only Michael that was with the baby inside his room. Upon confirmation from Mende Health Centre that our daughter had been violated, I contacted my lawyer. I also informed the police, so that he could be prosecuted. But the police swept the matter under the carpet.”

Uche added that, when he heard from Maria’s friends that her father impregnated her and procured abortion for her with the help of his lover, he knew he wouldn’t allow Michael to escape once again.

They interviewed Maria separately. She said it happened and also confessed that her father had sex with her last on Friday, July 8. It was also learnt that Michael was arrested on Tuesday, July 12, after the intervention of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Agency from Alausa, Ikeja.

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