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    (Photo) Couple in Belarus caught having sex in broadday light

    A randy couple made residents of a community in Minsk, Belarus wake up to loud sexual moans recently.

    Reports claim that the duo could not find a room on time, so they just got down to business right on the pavement near a main road in full glare of everyone.

    The randy couple could reportedly face a heavy fine for ‘hooliganism’ if they’re reported. A reliable source however told Asdeenvibex.blogspot.com Gossip that the case was reported, the police had an investigation going on, but then released a statement claiming that that the photo has no connection to Belarus. According to oursource, the police disassociated Belarus from the picture simply because they are lazy and it’s easier todeclare that than to start searching for the suspects.

    ”The police first started investigation, but then released the statement that the photo has no connection neither to Minsk, nor to Belarus. This is simply because they are lazy and it’s easier to declare this than start searching for the suspects,’‘ our source said.

    Nawa o! Why things like this no dey happen for Naija nah? LOL

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