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Who is more famous : Mourinho or Adele

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Now we are comparing two different people from different angles , i would love to know your view after this short information about the two , but seriously you should actually comment your view if you really know this two personalities.

This is because if you are 80% football fan you will definitely say mourinho is more famous same and goes for the Music fans

But i guess must Nigerians will choose mourinho .

Following the latest event that happened at Vancouver on thursday where "wisdom" the lucky Nigerian got a lucky kiss from Adele, I totally expected more likes and shares but maybe because most Nigerias don't know who Adele is.

To be sincere am not on any side here. I'm 50% football fan and 50% a music fan, but if you would ask me " who is more famous " , I will definitely choose Adele, my reasons are part of the little bio below

Mourinho (World football) - Jose Mourinho is a football manager, widely regarded as one of the best coaches in the game. He has led numerous top European teams to national and European honours. He is also renowned for his acerbic and self-confident style. He is often referred to as “The Special One” a nickname to describe his unique character and strong track record.
“Please don’t call me arrogant, but I’m European champion and I think I’m a special one.”
Jose Mourinho on twitter ( @josemourinhotv)  has 
Jose Mourinho on instagram Official Account of 1.1m followers
José Mourinho on facebook  236527 likes ·

Adele (World Music) :

Singer Adele is a Grammy Award-winning artist whose throwback, soulful sound has made her an international success 

Adele on instagram ( Adele)  14.9 million followers 

Adele on twitter (Adele) 26.7 million followers 
Adele on facebook (Adele) 65 million likes


  1. I will rather choose Adele instead

  2. Mourinho is more popular jor