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    4 Stupid Things Ladies Do In Bed And Still Laugh Hard Over Them

    Our bodies can do many funny sounds and things, especially when we get busy. This list of stuff is hilarious, and you may have done some of them in bed. Laugh away.

    You fart during intercourse

    That’s a pretty sensitive topic! However, since the private parts are located close to the butt and absolute pressure is caused by the penis on your intestines, you may fart. Men do that too, but women do it more often due to their physiology. When you are with the partner for a long time, it’s ok. Both of you may not even notice it or have a hearty laugh over it. But what if you are with someone for the first time?

    You kick the guy…

    …on his balls. That happens a lot. When the girl feels right or is a bit clumsy, she may accidentally kick him. How do you know you just did it? Well, the poor fellow folds in half and tries not to scream or curse.

    You pee on him

    Penis rubs against your urethra, and it may evoke the desire to pee. Some girls can’t control it, and things happen.

    You break his penis

    Penile fracture is not a very common injury, but it happens. Especially if you two use the cowgirl position. The girl on the top is the most dangerous position for s*x. It hurts a lot and the situation is embarrassing, but it is also funny.

    Surely there are more situations that make people laugh over the unlucky lovers, but those sound a bit dirty. So, let’s just leave them out!

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    1. Pure Evil. And more will happen unfortunately


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