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    How To Easily Change Your Phone Boot Animation

    Have you ever thought of changing that very ugly, annoying boot animation..
                      Look no further, but firstly you must have this  apps installed on your Android device

    • Kingroot
    • SuperSU
    • Boot animation 
    • You can get all this apps on the Google play store.. But it's best recommended that you go to king root website or XDA developers forum and download the one compatible for your Android smart phone
                     Click here XDA  DEVELOPERS FORUM

     if all the app listed above have been downloaded proceed 
    1. Now if all the app listed above have been downloaded proceed Make sure you have a stable network access to be able to root your device. If not check out this link on how to root ya device 
    2. Launch the boot animation app and download from the list 
    3.  After it has downloaded swipe down your notification bar and tap on it 
    4. Click on the + button and install 
    5. Finally reboot your device 

    6.  If at all you choose to change just follow the same procedure above 

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