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    How To Detect Online Scam

    The internet is fast becoming a new planet with millions of users across the globe. It has become a platform for interaction and transaction for many, but for others, its a platform to make some cool cents from unsuspecting users. Don't fall victim. Here's a guide on how to detect online scam anytime.

    1. Ask Google. I'm sure you must be wondering how possible that
    is. Its really as simple as it sounds. If you want to find out if a site's offer is a scam, just type the name of the website on google. It will immediately display the reviews that have been written about the site.

    2. Check the 'About' or 'Contact Us' page. Most scam sites don't sually have these pages. Those who are smart enough to create one, they do not care to develop it. You can immediately tell from one glance that the site is a scam. You'll notice how poorly developed those pages are. They'll definitely lack adequate information.

    3. Who is their Sponsor? Are you applying for a scholarship, a
    grant or you're entering a contest? Don't be carried away by the
    mouth watering prizes which may never exist anyway. Make some
    extra efforts to find out who's sponsoring the website or
    organization. Especially when such bodies are offering 'gold and
    silver' for little or no fees. If you can't find out who their sponsor is,
    you can begin to look out for other loop holes.

    4. Check Customer reviews. This is quite important. In fact, it
    saved me from loosing some bucks some months ago. I wanted to
    place an order for an apple Mac book which I found very cheap on
    Amazon. A friend warned me about the seller's offer, so I decided
    to see the customers' reviews. I was surprised to see that they
    weren't happy with the seller. He'd shipped a really older version of
    the Mac book which was totally different from that which he
    advertised on the site.
    It helps. Find out what others are saying about a site or product.
    I'm sure you'd have made up your mind on what to do before
    you're done reading the reviews.

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