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How To Get Thousands of Instagram Followers Even If You're Not A Celebrity.

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Since the introduction of Internet marketing in 2004, social media platforms have become very useful for online marketers. It has become possible to reach out to over 100,000 people within seconds. Instagram is one of the world's most famous and top rated image and video app. With over 100million users, you can be sure to reach out to a really large audience through adverts, posts, shout outs, etc.

Asides using instagram for marketing or some other business purposes, people actually just feel good when their pictures go viral and they get thousands of likes and hundreds of new followers every week. I'm sure you know that it's kind of impossible or difficult to get hundreds or thousands of likes for your picture when you do not have a good number of followers.

What inspired this Post?

I've seen several instagram sites that offer to give people followers in exchange for some dollars. In essence, they sell followers. You may have seen them too. But come to think of it, have you ever wondered where those followers come from? Or has any company paid you to follow an instagram account before? That's the point. Those companies sell FAKE followers. Those accounts are actually inactive and unreal. After buying thousands of followers, your photos and videos will still get few likes. For example, you may have noticed several instagram accounts with thousands of followers but less than a hundred likes on photos.

In essence, I'm writing this to teach you practical ways of getting 1000+ followers on instagram without paying a penny. I want you to gain new active followers, not some nonexisting people who'll just remain as numbers. If you're in for this beautiful experience, dive in.

1. Post Relevant Images/videos: How do you know if a post is relevant or not? That's easy. You cannot keep posting photos about yourself - your new home in Banana Island, your porsche car, your pet, your wardrobe and stuff, and expect to get many likes and gain new followers. This wouldn't happen unless you're a celebrity. Take a break from the norm. Post a photo that will trigger several reactions from people. Post photos that ask questions. These kind of photos usually encourage audience encouragement. You'd not only get likes and followers, you will also get tons of comments.

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Also, post photos that evoke laughter. A research conducted in 2010 has proven that funny web content will go viral by 63% more than any regular post. This doesn't mean that you have to become a comedian on instagram. Like I said earlier, 'take a break from the norm.'

2. Use hash tags wisely: I've seen a number of photos on instagram with hash tags that 'nobody' knows about. For instance, you shouldn't use a hash tag that is known to just four of your high school friends or one that is understood by less than a hundred people. When you use a popular hash tag on instagram, your post will get viewed by as many as will click that hash tag somewhere else. Mind you, the more views you get, the higher your chances of getting more likes and new instagram followers. Some of the most popular instagram hash tags are: #instagood #instafine #picoftheday #instafollow #like4like #followme or #doubletap. 

3. Start liking photos: This sounds strange but it actually works. Each day, you may start by liking a minimum of 30 - 50 random photos. You can be rest assured that 36% of those people will like your own photos too. 

Also, a research conducted by Neil Patel, a social media expert, has proven that for every 100 likes he did of random photos, he got 6.1 more followers. You get the logic? To begin, you may use the 'ExploreK feature on the menu list. Goodluck with that.


4. Participate in Contests: There are thousands of contests on instagram. Your participation will take you closer to thousands of instagram users.

Also, participate in shout outs. You can find pages and instagram accounts with thousand of followers that specialise in making shout outs and asking their followers to follow you. For each shout out you get from a valuable account (an account with a good number of followers), you will get hundreds of followers. 

I also want you to note that only your best pictures count on instagram. Nobody is going to make a shout out for you if your photos suck! 

5. Know what is trendy: There are always new trend topics each day. Find them and post about them. Period! I'm laughing right now. Don't worry. I will show just how to do it right. I already taught you how to use hash tags. I hope you remember that? I need you to remember that all through; you'll be needing hash tags here. 

You can use Piqora to help you see what types of photos are leading to the highest engagement... then post about them.

When you find the popular trends, you can use the keywords hash tags that is trendy. You get that?


Post photos that are blue or photos that have blue backgrounds. Overtime, it has been discovered that posts that are blue get 24% more likes than orange or yellow photos. It's weird right? Yet, it works!

Do you know some other stuff that works? Or maybe you have questions. Please use the comment box below. I love to read from my readers too. 

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