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    Tension in Bayelsa as police kill 17-year-old boy

    It is on a sad note that the police in Nigeria have turned from protecting citizens to putting life's and property at risk. 

    The police in Bayelsa State were, on Wednesday, accused in a case of allegedly killing a 17-year-old , Master Innocent Kokorifa.

    Innocent, who hailed  from
    Okpotuari community in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area, was reportedly shot dead on August 18 by the Anti-Vice/Anti Kidnapping squad of the police at Air Force Road, Yenagoa.

    The father of the deceased, Mr. Daniel Kokorifa, an officer of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC),when being interviewed said his son was murdered in cold blood. According to the Father he said his son was not a trouble maker, a bad boy neither a smoker nor an armed robber.

    The incident, which happened at about 11am on the fateful day, On August 18, I received a call from my wife that the police shot my first son, Innocent Kokorifa. I instructed my wife to go to police stationat Ekeki to inquire about the condition and whereabouts of Innocent.

    “My wife later called to inform me that on getting to the station, she said ‘police shot my son’...When I heard this, I left Port Harcourt, where I work, by night bus and arrived Bayelsa at about 11pm the same day. Efforts made to locate my son to no avail because most police station l reported to claimed the knew nothing about the incident.

    Finally I went to the mortuary probably if it was true I'd be able to identify his boy.....on getting there I requested to see any dead body that was brought in yesterday.... To my surprise The lifeless body of the deceased was brought out by the mortuary attendant and I identified it as my son.

    A peaceful protest followed suite( as the matched, but was at last cut down by the police) as people took to the streets calling on the police IG to look into the matter,
    So that justice can be served 

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