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Man masturbates himself to death

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Chris Harrold was a physics PhD student at Bristol University
A popular 26 year old student died after performing an extreme sex act on himself.

Neighbours of Christopher Harrold found him hanging in the corner of his bedroom after being absent for several days in Redland, Bristol, England.

The 26-year-old had reportedly pleasured himself and strangled himself as a way of ireasing sexual excitement by restricting oxygen flow to the brain. According to police reports,  a laptop and mobile phone was found near his body in his room.

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Although no further details about his death were given a coroner believed that the young man didn’t plan to hurt or kill himself.

In her witness statement, Ms Whittaker said Mr Harrold had been in good spirits and was excited about moving into the new place.

Ms Rubenock had gone to America with him earlier this year for a physics conference. He had told her he had broken up with his girlfriend, Steph, in March.

Although he was upset, he did not seem devastated by the break up, according to Ms Rubenock.

Post mortem examination as well as the circumstances around the death pointed at auto-erotic asphixation as the cause of death.

Mr Sowersby said the items found in the bedroom and the circumstances around the death "strongly suggested" auto-erotic asphixation, and he recorded a conclusion of death by misadventure.

The court heard police officer Shirley Lindsay found a mobile phone and open laptop, both pointing towards the body.

Days before tragedy Mr Harrold moved into his new house which he shared with his three close friends and was in good spirits, according to his family.

That’s why his neighbours noticed his absence only two days after his bizarre unintentional suicide.