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    (Photos) A striking image of Game of Throne Star Spotted in the Sky,Some also says its Jesus

    A FACE resembling Game of Thrones favourite Jon Snow has been snapped in a cloud.The striking image spotted above, which people have also said looks like Jesus, was taken by mum-of-two Becky Felton who was photographing a sunset at the time.

    The 26-year-old couldn’t believe it when she looked ather iPhone 6 and saw the face, of what looks like Jon Snow, looking back at her so she took another picture straight after.

    Despite Becky not watching the popular fantasy drama series, she claims she’s had a number of people commenting on the resemblance, as well as other suggestions of who it looks like.

    Becky, from Dudley, West Mids, said: “I was just taking a nice picture in my son’s bedroom of the sunset because I thought it looked really pretty.

    “I couldn’t believe it when I saw the face looking back at me through the camera it was so cool.

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