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    Easy Method On How To Use Glo 0.00kb Cheat On PC Via UC Browser Handler For PC

    I hope you are still enjoying your  Glo 0.0kb via UC mini handler on our Smartphones and now i want to show you how to use it on PC via UC mini handler for PC. 

    This glo 0.00 cheat is really saving a whole lot of people especially in this time of recession in the country where people hardly see the money to feed talk more of purchasing data.

    In this post, you will see how very simple it is to configure your PC for this tweak. Am sure many guys are not aware there is UC mini handler for PC but nowyou know. It is a VPN on its own just like Psiphon for PC. 

    Remember last month, I revealed to you guyshowto use glo 0.0kb on PC with Psiphon for PCbut this time around, we will use UC mini handler method and it will mostly benefit those that don't have Smartphone to share their data to 


    ➡ Glo SIM card with 0.00kb on it (without active data)
    ➡ Your USB modem
    ➡The handler.
    Download UC Mini Handler Exe For PC Here Or Download from here

    This version of UC mini is not in Zip format. i have taken care of that. Just download and install it normally on your PC and configure it.  

    ➡Launch the browser and configure it as below
    ➡Click:Network Settings
    ➡Proxy type:REAL HOST
    ➡Proxy server:redirect.glo.com
    ➡Real proxy type:default(you can also use HTTP)
    ➡Real proxy port:80
    Leave other settings as it was,

    After that, simply click SAVE and click continue or change the Pinger settings/Handler Settings and continue using your UC Browser

    To edit any of the above settings, double click the boxand input whatever you want to input. For advanced settings (not needed here) Press “Ctrl O” anytime while using to navigate to the Settings.The Same Settings are used to configure Proxy settings by using(Ctrl O).


    We will apply the same method we used on Smartphone because it works well although some people reported they weren't able to download with it. Be it as it may, let's move ahead.To download any large file with this glo tweak,

    Kindly visit www.muchproxy.com with your uc mini handler on PC.
    Copy the url of the file you wish to download then paste on the space given on the site. 
    Your file would begin to download.
    Now start flexing your glo unlimited free browsing on PC using uc mini handler.

    Kindly share with your friends by hitting the share button and also feel free to comment if this is working for you. However, if you are not yet cleared or still having difficulties with the whole thing, use the comments section below.

    Credit - wizytech

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