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    Hot Airtel 20GB For N200 Is Working Again On Opera Mini And Downloading Via Roogen.com

    Hello AsdeenViberz, did you notice that the airtel 20GB for N200 social plan is now back and working flawlessly on opera mini web browser? So, if you were among the people that subscribed to the plan before it was reduced to 200mb, this is your best opportunity to continue blazing with it.

    What about those that subscribed the second day and was given 200mb instead of 20gb; is it also working for them? Yes.

    Both the 20gb and 200mb plans are currently working on Opera Mini normally without any VPN app to power it.WHY YOURS IS NOT WORKING

    I noticed that some people are still not being able to browse with theirs on Opera mini.

    The reason is this; you are using an outdated opera mini browser, kindly update your opera mini and see how it will connect.


    ✴ Launch your Opera Mini browser
    ✴ Visit this site roogen.com
    ✴ You will see url address Google.com at the bottom of the website
    ✴ Now look closely beside it, you will see a
    ✴ Go To Site button. Just click on it.
    Once you click that, a new page will come up mimicking Google.com homepage
    ✴ Now go to the file you want to download and copy the link inside the box then click Go To Site and your download will start.

    NOTE ! Its Opera Mini with the word "mini" inside.Let us know if it works for you via the comments section below.

    If you are encountering any difficulty, also let us know.  

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