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    Two Students Severely Injured After Using Nylon Bag As C0nd0m During Sex

    If you have ever fantasised about doing the dirty with a nylon bag, please remove your mind o. The outcome will leave you wishing nylon had never being invented.

    Two Vietnamese students were hospitalised after they used a plastic bag as protection during their first sex act with each other.

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    According to Mirror, the unnamed college students suffered genital lesions, abrasions and bleeding after using the crude contraceptive.

    Confirming the incident, the deputy director of Hanoi Kidney Hospital, Dr Nguyen The Luong, said that the male was too shy to buy proper condoms from a store.

    To improvise, they resorted to using a plastic bag. Sadly, plastic bags have no elasticity and lubrication, and this was what caused vaginal scratching and tearing.

    Luong added that the students have been placed on antibiotics to help them recover.
    Meanwhile, it was noted in an independent study conducted by the Medical University of Hanoi and Hanoi Medical College on 2,700 Vietnamese students from six universities in Hanoi, that only 16% of students surveyed claimed they have had sex.

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    A third of that percentage use condoms, while around 25% found buying protection very embarrassing.


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