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(Video)Shocker! Primary School Students Arrested In Orgy Of Sex, Alcohol And Weed Smoking

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Some 15 students have been arrested in Kenya for engaging in a sex orgy and weed smoking. According to Standard media, the students had been going to a rental house in Kabati estate and were arrested following a tip off from an anonymous person.

Following the arrests, it was discovered that two of the girls are actually primary school students, while the others are from the Naivasha Day Secondary School.

Parents and teachers crowded the Naivasha Police Station in shock after the news of the arrests broke, and sources revealed to the paper that several condoms and rolls of local weed called ‘bhang’ were found in the rental house.

“When we moved in after a tip, some of the students were very drunk and others were high on bhang,” said one of the officers.

While a teacher from one of the affected schools refused to make any official comment, he added, anonymously, that the students would be counselled.

“The students who included some girls from primary school were allegedly having sex, drinking alcohol and smoking bhang before police arrested them,” he said.

Meanwhile, one of the parents -who had no idea their child was involved in a sex orgy, said the students had claimed they were going to a nearby church for music competition.

“The majority of us are still in shock because our children told us they were going to church only to be informed that they had been arrested,” said the parent.

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