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    Your Opinion; Should These Artists Be Classified A Rapper Or Singer


    On the verge of realisng his 6th studio album in December these misconceptions need to be kept clear,what's your opinion


    Doing well for himself and with the news of releasing 3 albums by the end of this year he has left most of his fans confused recently,though i must give it to him his rap is clear,but that's my opinion lets hear yours.


    From fighting with former label mate to insulting fans on social media and dumping his girlfriend ,he has managed to stay in the lime light maybe that's why his fans can't tell precisely if he his a rapper or singer..whats your opinion

    1. Do you think they  making sense more now?
    2. You feel they are jack of all trades?
    3. You feel man just gotta do what he gotta do to make money, Rap or Sing?
    4. You feel its not just about money, but legacy?
    From your Own View, can they be classified as Singer Or Rapper?

    1 comment:

    1. there is possibility of being multi-talented. it is possible to be a rapper and singer at the same time


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