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    Barcelona stage comeback amid cheat claims but it’s not enough as Real hold on

    Barcelona went two goals down and saw Lionel Messi miss a penalty before they managed to get the game back to 3-2, though another Messi penalty no less, but it didn’t matter.

    No matter what they were going to do, win or lose, the Cules knew that should Real Madrid manage to get the win against Malaga, they would be Champions for the first time in five years, and the title would go back to Madrid.
    It was a bitter pill to swallow, especially considering Los Blancos are also in their third Champions League final in four years, and could well lift the trophy again, whereas all Barcelona have is the Copa.
    They also had to contend with it being Luis Enrique’s last match in La Liga, and there was a tribute planned to the manager, yet it was all a little bit tainted after Real Madrid managed to close out their game and failed to drop any points.
    It’s a huge sign that the tide really is turning, not just in Europe, but also possibly domestically for Real Madrid, and they have sat at the top of the pile for the majority of the season as well.

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