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Mom shoots two of her children aged 8 and 6

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A woman accused of shooting two of her three children dead is expected to appear in court later today to face charges in connection with their deaths. 

Claudena Helton of Lori Sue Avenue, Dayton, Ohio was accused of shooting her two children Khmorra, 8 and Kaiden, 6, at their home on May 18. 

The children died over the weekend despite emergency surgery. 

Police chief Richard Biehl said Helton shot the two children inside the home and moved them to the front yard to wait for police and emergency services. 

He said there are suggestions Helton may have been suffering from a mental illness.  

The children's 11-year-old sister was unharmed. 

According to court records, Helton was initially charged with two counts of felonious assault, but they are expected to be upgraded following the children's deaths.  

According to reports, prosecutors are considering increasing the severity of the charges. 

Neighbor John Sanders Snr said: 'From what I’ve seen and noticed, she and the kids got along fine. They were always out in the yard barbecuing, cleaning the car, going back and forth to school. I could see no problem whatsoever. I was very shocked to hear, and disturbed, as to what happened over there. 

'I’ve always thought and felt if, whenever the authorities know of cruelty ... they shouldn’t wait for an incident such as this to take place in order to take action.'

Helton is expected to appear in court later today.  

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