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SHOCKING YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS - Woman cuts of man's p***s

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A young woman has given a man the shock of his life after she held onto his p*nis and cut it off from him.

A man who tried to force himself on a woman(rape) in India, is currently regretting it.

The Indian woman cut off the man’s p*nis after he allegedly tried to r*pe her at her house in the southern state of Kerala, police said on Saturday.

According to a report by Agence France Presse, AFP, the 23-year-old law student was at her residence in the state capital Thiruvananthapuram late Friday when she says she was attacked by the 54-year-old man, who had claimed to her family to be a religious guru also known as pastor.

“She used a knife in her defense and cut off his man-hood,” district police chief G Sparjan Kumar told AFP by phone.

“The man, Hari Swami, was rushed to the nearby government hospital in a serious state,”he added.

The local media reported that Swami was in a stable condition after undergoing emergency medical procedures at the local hospital.

The woman claimed the man had been assaulting her for several years, according to Kumar, who said police had registered a case against Swami for s*xual offences against a minor and r*pe.

Police said the girl’s parents, who live at the same house, were unaware of the assaults by Swami.

“The woman told us that her parents blindly trusted this Swami, and he used to get frequent invites to perform special ceremonies and stay over at their house, where he assaulted her,”Kumar said.

She is now under police protection and receiving trauma counselling.

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