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How to succeed via mobile marketing in business

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If you are doing business in Nigeria, each day, particularly in this technological age, requires more and more creativity, especially with selling of products. Asdeenvibez gathers all what you might need to succeed.

Since likely customers or clients are far beyond those that visit the geographical area typically known as a market, entrepreneurs, no matter the goods or services, need to reach them in the comfort of their homes. Not to badger or invade their privacy, but to subtly enlighten and remind them of what you have to offer. The simplest way to do is the mobile phone; yours and theirs.

Social media:

Instagram, which meshes with Facebook, are reputably the easiest platforms to market your business. You can use Facebook’s intelligent targeting platform to create attention dragging Instagram-enabled advertisement campaigns. Because Instagram’s platform meshes with Facebook and other social media platforms, it is becoming a mobile advertisement hub.

Text messages:

These are renowned for arresting attention easily, as such they aid brand visibility. Discounts, one off deals, new products and new services, can be brought to customers’ awareness via test messages.
All you need to do is get access to automated text messages data bases and send simple short messages. Preferably, the message sender should bear your brand or company name.


Thanks to smart phones, e-mails are mostly accessed on mobile phones and have become a sure access to new customers, though you cannot guarantee the mail will be opened. Nonetheless, this is where your creativity as a business person comes in; do well to draft a brief but inviting subject to make the reader take a second look before sliding the mail to the bin.

Video adverts:

Fortunately, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, are solid platforms where you can make short, fun and interesting videos about your business, products and/or services. As we know, news spreads, so make it worth the while. New products, promotions, offers, as well as proper way to use products can be chipped in here.
Most of all, your mobile messages, which should offer much more than goods, should as much as possible be tailored to the customer. This might seem like something time consuming but the key to surviving is to continually make improvements on your marketing strategies as technology and business environments are enhancing.

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