Let's talk about religion. Will only Christians merit heaven? - Asdeen vibez

Let's talk about religion. Will only Christians merit heaven?

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This is absolutely not true and complete fallacy.

Satan and Yahweh are bestest buddies. The Book of Job has Satan having a pleasant chat with Yahweh, during which they make a bet involving killing people and screwing one guy over. Nope, there's no animosity between Yahweh and Satan in the least. They get along just fine.

Moreover, what we learned from the book of Job is that Satan can't do anything without God's explicit permission - God keeps him on a very short leash. So let's have none of this trying to excuse God for what Satan does - he's like that guy who lets his dog poop on your lawn while he's taking him for a walk.

According to the accounts of why David did a census in Samuel and Chronicles, Satan and Yahweh are beyond best buddies. If the angel of the Lord is the Holy Ghost, then Satan is a part of godhead that must be a quadrants, at least.

I have faith in Christianity for many reasons;

1--- The God that could divide a Sea must be the maker or creator of that sea.This event truly happened , that is why the Egyptians are not contesting the occurrence of the event.

what nonsense! The Egyptians don't need to contest it cuz even the Jews themselves don't believe that nonsense read up and cure your ignorance http://www.beliefnet.com/faiths/judaism/2004/12/did-the-exodus-really-happen.aspx

In addition to the fact that there is nothing in all of Egypt's history, which mentions a Pharoah who perished by drowning in pursuit of millions... nor the existence of millions of hebrew slaves, nor devastating plagues... in fact, if things transpired as the bible described, Egypt would have crumbled and never recover...
Imagine the economic implication of a nation losing its basic workforce of slaves over night... and having millions of its sons die in one night... all this after a series of devastating plagues which would bring the mightiest empire to its knees...
Yet, Egypt remained a powerful nation, economically and militarily for a very very long time...

2----I wouldn't have believed Christianity but God Himself healed me of an infirmity of more than 22 years when I went to church. It was in 1997 or so when I went to RCCG convention and there was a pastor preaching and he asked us to put our hand on any place we had infirmity, this I did and since that time till date I have not experienced the sickness again. It was a sickness an herbalist saw and sent me out of his sight because he was afraid. 
Thre are other several testimonials that make me to know that Jesus Chist is really the Son of God and God and my Creator.

There are stories of people praying to the Christian God and being healed.

There are stories of people praying to non-Christian gods and being healed.

There are stories of people praying to no gods and being healed.

There are stories of members of all three categories who are not healed.

How do we figure out if anything is going on except confirmation bias? We find people who are sick, we have some prayed for and some not, and we see if there is a different recovery rate. The Templeton Foundation - a group inclined to believe that prayer is effective - ran exactly that experiment and found no difference.

I can go on a limb and say You don't have millions of answered prayers; you have millions of people who're determined to believe that their prayers were answered. Big difference.

3--- The bible makes me to understand that sinner cannot make heaven unless they repent from those evil. The bible did not say we should be 99% holy but 100%.

the Koran also says similar 

4---- I was a Muslim and I can tell you that there are so many things wrong with that Islamic religion. The first step to know this is by reading the English Quran or Hadith. There is no need to argue , just take your time read for understanding only , it will surprise why a sane person should follow it. When you compare the historic account and Hadith account of Muhammed with Biblical account of other prophets of the Bible, you will say and know that he was a FALSE PROPHET indeed. Jesus performed miracles and performed many in my life , Muhammed did not perform any miracle instead he killed many innocent people and instructed his followers to do the same, which is why muslims are about 98% of the number of terrorists arround the world.

yeah, let's examine your hypocrisy, do you condemn the killing of the Canaanite and Midianite infants?

if Yes, you're not a hypocrite, if no then you have no grounds to criticise Islam because the Israeli soldiers killed the infants on the instructions from their god and Islamic terrorists carry out same instructions from their god, pick one, wither way its lose lose

If you read the Bible from Genesis to revelation, you will know that there is not other way of salvation outside Jesus Christ.

Acts 4:12 KJV
Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

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