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NGO seek to curb examination malpractice and cultism

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An NGO, African Initiatives against Corruption and Examination Malpractices (AIACAEM), has begun workshops and seminars in various schools in Imo to seek an end to examination malpractice and cultism, Asdeenvibez gathers.
The National Leader of the group, Mr Francis Abioye, who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday, said the NGO would also carry the campaign to the 36 states of the federation and other African countries.
Abioye counselled the pupils and students of primary and secondary schools in Ezinihite/Mbaise Local Government on the topic: “Catch Them Young” on Thursday.
The group leader, who called for an end to examination malpractice, explained that due to the bad influence of examination malpractice, Nigerian graduates were no longer respected in the society.
“We have more than 70 per cent Nigerian graduates, who are not employable due to distorted background.
“We must impress it on the younger generation to shun completely all social vices in schools, especially examination malpractice and cultism,” he said.
Abioye blamed the high level of corruption in the country on weak institutions, adding that the government must strengthen government institutions and give most of them financial autonomy.
“Weak government institutions are directly responsible for corruption in Nigeria; things can only be better when our institutions are given the autonomy to decide for themselves,” he said.
Prof. Okee Okoro of the Department of Library Science, Imo State University (IMSU), who also addressed the pupils, warned them against examination malpractice, cultism and other social vices.
Okoro said cheating had become a very serious problem among the Nigerian students, saying, “how can we have quality graduates in this nation when our students only depend on external aid to pass examination”.
“Sometimes, parents are responsible for this problem because students who go to special centres to sit for examination are sponsored by their parents and this must stop,” he said.
Okoro also blamed the situation on poor learning condition, adding that Nigeria was miles away from the realities in the education sector.
“Our children are in a situation where there is no good learning environment and manpower shortage.
“For this NGO to succeed in this campaign, government must play a key role by providing enabling environment for learning, so that students can depend on their ability,” he said. Thanks for reading. News brought to you by Asdeenvibez media.

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