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How to unlock a Modem - Must Read

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If you have no idea about the process of unlocking a modem, then you are in the right place to get your modem unlocked just by yourself. Unlocking a modem is necessary process if you want to solve the problem of it working only with one mobile service. If you use a mobile Internet with a 3G/4G modem purchased from an operator, sooner or later you will have to face a situation where, for personal reasons, you want to change it. For example, you might have found a more favourable tariff. Or maybe you want to travel to a town where only one specific network is stronger. Let us show you how to unlock modem.

Normally, if you buy a modem from one provider and input a sim from another, the modem will not work. To fix the situation, you must unlock the modem: obviously unlocking it from being bound to a particular cellular operator. There are a number approaches to help you open your modem: some are free and some are not (you need to purchase credits to open it). Branded modems and routers like MTN, Verizon, Airtel modems and Swift, Spectranet and others are commonly used in Nigeria

How to unlock MiFi modem

MiFi (Mai Fai) is a mobile access point that provides the user with Internet access via a WiFi network, in other words, a portable or a mobile router. The device receives the signal from the operator’s network according to the principle of the 3G modem operation and then transmits it via the WiFi connection. To connect to the router you need to find the name of the network and connect to it. The information that has the name and password to the network is usually on the back panel of the router. When MiFi router is connected to a PC, working through the WiFi network is not possible, and the device operates in the usual USB modem mode. Read below the step-by-step instruction for unlocking MiFi modem.

Download and run Huawei unlock client;Install default settings and agree to continue;You can find your IMEI number underneath the battery on your device;Enter your IMEI number carefully and tap unlock;The process of fetching unlock data will begin. Unlock process can take from 2 to 5 minutes;After a successful operation, you will have an unlock code that you have to copy;Insert a different SIM provider and enter this code into your device.

How to unlock Spectranet modem

Spectranet is a company that provides modem use in Nigeria. It actually does not give you any option to unlock the router. The software itself has been customized to a specific modelDespite this fact, people have discovered a way to redesign the software and what to do to open the gadget. Before starting the upgrade, download the necessary files from the list. These are the general software, hilink drivers and firmware code (you can get this from the Universal Master Code tool).

Next steps to unlock the modem in 9 easy steps:

Input the SIM with another system supplier and interface your Spectranet MiFi WiFi router to your computer or laptop through its default USB cable. By the way, ensure that you have at least 50 percent of battery available for use;Download and run P711S-E5 update_21. Then, use the firmware code as password. Hold on till the process is completed (the gadget will again start installing drivers);In case that it is not identified by the PC due to the drivers’ issue, you can refresh them through COM port;DC unlocker must be downloaded as well. Afterward, identify the gadget under the DC unlocker;Then type “AT^NVRDEX=50503,0,128” and press “Enter”;The NV codes will appear in hash format. Copy them into a notepad file. The given code will be converted into the unlock password. While doing this, extract Huawei_E5573s-320_Firmware_21. file in a folder;Wait till firmware installs onto the device (just click on the firmware setup file again and start installing process). The drivers will be installed automatically.Put the following order of numbers: (default IP of the router is changed) in web-browser line;Login to the router account (admin as login and password). Your device will have 10 attempts left. To unlock the router, there is only one easy step left – enter the right password carefully, checking the symbols (otherwise, it will not work).

How to unlock Glo modem

Glo NetPro Modem can be unlocked and made into a universal modem in order to have the capacity to browse with other networks. The main issue with this modem is that it works with Glo SIM only. If you attempt to use another SIM, the modem will give you an option to provide an open code. To open this modem, you have to know the open code. This instructional exercise will direct you on how to get the open code to effectively unlock Glo modem.

Ways to unlock GLO NETPRO modem

Use Universal Master Code at first or make sure you can download it if you don’t have it already;On the first screen that you will see, you should choose “Huawei” option;Get the Modem IMEI Number and input it. The IMEI Number can be found on the back of your modem. Afterwards, click on “Calculate”;After you have gotten the open code for the modem, duplicate it. Input another SIM and connect it to your PC or laptop. You will be invited to put in the open code again. Input the open code, and now your modem is unlocked;You should design it to work impeccably with the inputed SIM card while unlocking your modem;For Glo Modem, Tap on “Tools” first. Then in a tab “Options”, you should choose “Profile Management” and go to “New”.

The motivation behind the instructional exercise is to teach you how to get new IT abilities. If all you want to do is simply to unlock your modem and fixing all the technical problems that appear every day, then we’ve got you. With our instructions, you can try to unlock the modems without needing to make any payment. Good luck with the unlocking process!

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