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    Man shoots wife after she calls him an impotent man

    In New York, a 72 year-old man, Clarence White, reportedly shot his wife with a hand gun following the latter's complaint about not being able to satisfy her sexually and financially, asdeenvibez captures. Though the man has pledged that he didn't want to shoot her intentionally but was angered by her words.

    This happened in the morning of Thursday, July 27, 2017, at their Bronx apartment on Glebe Avenue, Parkchester.

    The victim, Dominique White, 28, is now in intensive care at the Jacobi Medical Center where remnants of the bullet could still be found in her face.

    Reports from sources stated that the shooter confessed to the police upon arrest that he shot his wife.

    He also dialled emergency service number, 911, and interacted with an operator who advised him concerning first aid measures pending the arrival of a medical team and the cops.

    Clarence reportedly got into an argument with his wife and he has a daughter with the woman ordering him to vacate their home.

    This however didn't anger him until Dominique made a comment about his financial incompetence and not being good in the sack.

    Following his arraignment for attempted murder, assault, harassment and weapons possession, a Bronx Criminal Court judge ordered that the accused be held on $300,000 bail.

    Handle the use of gun carefully. Advice from asdeenvibez media

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