Are relationships now games of survival of the fittest? - Asdeen vibez

Are relationships now games of survival of the fittest?

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    Growing up, I was not that into boys. All those 'who do you like?' 'Is he your boyfriend?' questions were not directed at me. I was not a boy-lover, I was a boy. I was always clinging to my brother and his friends, wanting to play football with them or be the goal keeper. Everyone knew me as a tomboy and I was happy that way. I would even go as far as reporting a boy that tried anything funny. I thought it was going to be like that forever, I didn't think anything would change me.
     On getting to the 7th grade, I became aware of the older boys (because my mates were still not all that) and I was confused and became defensive when they tried to talk to me. I now understand why those boys seemed so attractive; they were not not as noisy, dirty or cantankerous as my mates. These boys spoke little, laughed quietly and had this suave  to everything they did.Moving on a few years later, in the 12th grade, I promised myself I wasn't going to date anyone till I was 18 and I was 16 at that time, having dated a boy in Abuja that I never saw. I went on to date a boy 3 months before I turned 18 and I don't regret it, but sex  remained a no-no.
    I've dated a few people since then but the dating game is way different from what it used to be, to be precise,  it's crazy. It seems like no one is willing to go through with one partner. Everyone wants to be with more than one and social media is not making things easier, but it makes it alot easier to catch this cheats. So yesterday, I was with my collegueas and we were just talking about random stuffs and someone random just popped up. Then one guy in the corner rolls his eyes and makes a sound and everyone turns to him wondering what his problem was. Uncle clearly didn't like the girl but he kept quiet. Someone chose to address the issue and asked "Samson, why don't you like ekatte? You know she's Eli's girlfriend?". Samson goes like "Girlfriend ba wo". Everyone in the room is totally into the conversation by now. Before I continue, let me spill some beans about Eli. Eli is someone who likes to keep to himeself. He doesn't believe in dating a colleague, but is flirtatious in nature. Now this is ekatte,  that I know nothing about, is also a colleague but in another department. According to Samson, Ekatte has a boyfriend in Edo state and another boyfriend in another branch of the company. Eli also has a girlfriend or fiancee somewhere. And no one knows if she is even the only one. And as fate would have it , Ekatte passes the corridor. She sees us, comes in and starts hugging everyone and gets really flirty with a guy in the room. It was clear that something was up but they're were failing at not trying to give it away. When Ekatte leaves, I asked the guy if therevwasanythinggoing on between them and he laughed and said "I don't have a girlfriend". He doesn't have a girlfriend but his notoriety with women is well known. A different girl every day.
     The scary part of relationships these days is that most people who aren't genuine with their partners, especially when the partner is rich, go as far as using "juju". I once heard of a group of girls using juju to tie down their victims. Another story I heard was that some men took their friend to a celestial church because he was not progressing even though he was making money, and according to the story, it was discovered that it was his girlfriend that tied him down, the reason he always gave her what he earned. The money drive is the reason relationships fail. Most girls don't want to hear you have potential, they want to see the potential. And most boys believe that once you get the money, through legitimate or illegitimate  ways, they can get any girl they want.
        Now this is almost everyone's perception about relationships and it's now a matter of get what you can while you can and drop the case and move on to the next. Below are pictures of people caught cheating.

    I honestly believe that to find someone failthful will be a rare occurence especially with the way our economy is. I wonder what the dating game will be like with this new generation coming up. Personally, I think being faithful is better than having headache over juggling two or more people. I mean I'm not a saint or anything because I have cheated once but to be fair, it was an open relationship. Relationships are meant to be for the people invoved and not outsiders. There should be quarrels and arguments but no one on the outside should be let in especially when it could be handled by the two parties involved.Marriages (relationships) were ordained by God so let's keep it holy.

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