Bukola saraki reassures the public that his son is not interested in politics - Asdeen vibez

Bukola saraki reassures the public that his son is not interested in politics

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The President of the Senate , Dr Bukola Saraki , has ruled out the possibility of his son participating in the governorship race in Kwara in 2019, we can confirm at asdeenvibez media.

He said , at a Forum in Abuja that it was untrue that his son was being groomed as the next governor of the state.
According to Saraki , the boy is not interested in politics . That is not in the offing at all ; I am sure he doesn ’ t even want to hear politics at all .
“ You know it is not easy for children who are born to , especially at this time, to embrace politics .
“ When I was much younger , we were insulated from some of the political issues , and because we didn ’ t read the newspapers, we didn ’ t know what was happening .
“ I reluctantly went into politics, you can go and check . Once or twice, I was given the form to run for House of Representatives , and I remember I just travelled and disappeared for months .
“ After seeing what my father had been through I thought to myself that this is not for me, ” he said .

Saraki, however , said that the most important thing for him in the state was the legacy which had been left and the continuity and good relationship between former and the serving governor .
He said that his successor had also done a good job in transforming the state by creating an environment for entrepreneurship .
“ In the agricultural sector, we have done a lot of things that drive commercial activities which are not in the blueprint of the country .
“ Even in the universal health coverage which we are now talking about at the national level, I started that when I was governor , and now my governor has continued and built on that.
“ This shows the importance of continuity and stability and today, we thank God that we are one of those states where there is a very good relationship between former governor and current governor . ” he said .

He denied insinuation that pensioners in the state were still being owed arrears dating back to when he was governor .
“ Majority of the amounts still being owed are at the local government level, most of the state level pensions are not outstanding.
“ There might be issues with pensions here and there but I don’ t know the details. I know that the arrears and liability are at local government level, not at state government level, ” Saraki stated .

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