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Chyna 101: Introduction to finesse

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Angela Renèe White aka Blac Chyna
         When I say Blac Chyna is better than Kim in business in certain ways, people give me cold stares and shush me.True, Kim is a good business woman and she set the way for most, but chyna arrived and added her own law of finessing.
Blac Chyna
The first time I heard about Blac chyna or recognized her as a public figure, was when I saw her in keeping up with the kardashians(kuwtk), looking all calm, strutting by Kim's side. She was easily noticeable. She had on this blonde wig with full bangs with the tip touching the rise of her derriere, piercings in both cheeks and a voluptous body to go with it. One would wonder if kim derives joy from being around voluptous women. I thought she would be one of the many people that would be a cameo, but I was wrong .

Kylie Jenner vs Blac Chyna
Blac Chyna and King Cairo. Born to Chyna and Tyga on October 16,2012
Tyga with King Cairo
Kim and Chyna celebrating 'yay day' with their bare faces in June 2014
       Blac Chyna whose real name is Angela Renèe White, daughter of Shalana Jones-hunter (aka tokoyo toni) and Eric Holland, is a former stripper and also an entrepreneur. She allegedly became a stripper to pay her way through college. Being that her mom was a former stripper, she remained in her circle. She was also a video vixen (no surprise there) and this was how she met her first baby daddy, Tyga, real name Micheal Ray Stevenson, 28 year old rapper. They now have a son together, King Cairo. She went on to feature in his music video as the leading female role in 'rack city'. Fast forward to a few years later, news filtered in that Tyga was dating kim's half sister who was a teenager. My heart went out to Chyna because I literally felt the pain. Imagine loosing your man to a teenager, a 17-year-old! Of course jabs began to fly everywhere between Chyna and Kylie, and later on, people close to the ladies became involved, like Chyna's bff, Amber Rose, who dragged the 'katrashians' on Twitter. Chyna eventually came out to say she felt betrayed by her friend kim because she told kim to warn her sister to stay away from her man and kim did nothing. It felt like the KarJenner clan women had won because chyna was just venting on social media but could do nothing about it. Everyone just felt like Chyna should go to a corner and lick her wounds. Chyna's friendship with Amber Rose - whose man was also stolen by Kim (who went after him six months after her divorce) - waxed stronger.
Rob and Chyna
Rob and Chyna when they announced their engagement via instagram
Amber Rose and Dream Kardashian
Dream Kardashian
    It's kim and kanye's wedding and everyone is dying to be invited (except Beyoncè), but it's surprising that the bride's brother suddenly turns around and boards a flight back home. Everyone understands that he has adopted the reclusive lifestyle, a lifestyle that is a far cry from his family's, but can't help worrying. The wedding comes and goes and it seems all is well in paradise until the picture of Rob and Chyna hits the internet. When I saw those pictures, I thought they were pictures put together by special photoshop tools, but when they kept coming in, I was like wow! Finessing number 1. I expected the momager, Kris Jenner to cut things off, but it didn't happen. Then I learnt that Khloè caught them all loved up in her house, finessing number 2. Chyna even got him to live a healthier lifestyle, something even his mom could not achieve.The family eventually decided to treat Chyna like a bitter pill that is hard to swallow believing that it won't last, but nothing would prepare them for what was to come. On the 5th of April, 2016, Rob and Chyna announced their engagment via instagram with a seven carat ring while the rest of his family was on holiday. Finessing number 3. The following month,they announced that they were expecting a baby via instagram.Everybody went gaga. The finnesse shocked even the devil himself. I remember shouting to my sibilings that there is indeed a female yoruba demon and Chyna was channeling her african side. The girl was not smiling. She was going hard on her revenge, deceiving no one except Rob that it was true love.
Chyna with Tyga (now ex) and the newly wedded couples back in May 2014

Rob and Chyna getting married would have topped everything of, but sadly the two have since separated ways with Chyna serving Rob with a restraining order. Kim countered and served Chyna with an NDA (Non disclosure agreement) that she breached. It was just a temporary win because at the end of the day, Chyna wins. Although the Kardashian sisters tried to stop Chyna from cashing in on their name(which would have been possible if she married to Rob) , Chyna still gets to their pockets. Rob and Chyna have a kid together, Dream Kardashian, so she gets to cash in  on the 'Kardashian kash'. Chyna gets to handle some of the percentage, not forgetting child support from Rob. Unlike Kim, who most celebs ignore, Chyna has amassed a fanbase, as well as haters, of celebs and interested people. Nicki Minaj, who is not a fan of the KarJenner clan, used Chyna's name in a rap verse "Bought a pink Lamborghini just to race with Chyna..." Chyna also got to hang with Lamar Odom, khloè ex-husband, at an event.

The kardashian sisters vs Blac Chyna

Chyna has also set the path for others like herselves like Lira Mercer aka Lira Galore who is also from the exoctic dancers circle. She rose to fame when she became linked with Rick Ross.The two were engaged for two months before it was called off. I'm sure she'll go on ahead and take notes from Chyna.

Chyna is overall the master finneser because she has built upon all these drama, using it to push forward her business like '88'ffin' and 'lashed by Chyna' and also her followers on social media. Kim needs to take several seats and take noets also, because it took so long for her to manoeuvre the game, whereas Chyna came and tookover. A case of the student schooling the master. 

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