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    Funny story as 2 guys steals a lady's phone and snaps a picture with the stolen phone

    A Nigerian Lady on Instagram, @lordesszzetta has revealed the face of the 2 guys who stole her mobile phone , and thought they ’ve gotten away with it .
    Thanks to Google, and backups , she was able to Identify the thief . According to her , after her phone got stolen , the thieves turned off the phone for some time , before they finally decided to turn it back on .
    After they did, they picked up her friends call , but went mute … Later, the alleged thieves decided to take a selfie with the phone … Unknown to them, her phone backups every “ new picture ” to her google account .

    The statement read below;

    Hi everyone . My phone was stolen yesterday 12 /08/ 2017 somewhere around my area at Amuwo Odofin. guys who stole it turned off the phone after a while , would switch it on at times , answer my friends ’ calls but would stay mute .
    However , as fate would have it, they were stupid enough to snap with the phone and the picture was backed up on my gmail without them knowing .
    Fast forward to today 13 /08/ 2017, I got a new phone and logged into my Google account to back up my saved info / pictures and Lo and behold , their picture was restored along with mine !
    So this is the picture of the thieves who stole my phone . Please do share until they are caught . Thanks.

    These guys are funny but they should not have done that

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