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    Lol see funny picture of the tallest model in Nigeria meeting with a much taller man (SEE PHOTOS)

    For a while now Bakare Mubarak has been feeling high about himself with the record of the tallest male model in Nigeria and ultimately making him seem to be the tallest man in the country as acclaimed and gathered by asdeenvibez.

    His bubble bursted when he actually met the tallest man in Nigeria. Agoro The tallest Man in Nigeria is about 7 inches taller than Bakare, as he is 7'4 while Bakare is 6'8. Agoro is TWICE Bakare Mubarak's age, as he is 42 while Mubarak is 21.The two got together to begin work on some projects that will benefit the populace. The project will be unveiled in the coming weeks with a short documentary also in the works that will debut on Mubarak's YouTube page ...so stay glued.

    Thanks for reading. Stay tuned to asdeenvibez.

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