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    Monitoring of social media by the military is a common practice all over the world - Lai Mohammed

    Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, was a guest on Channels TV where he spoke on the recent announcement made by the Nigerian Army that it would be monitoring social media for anti-Buhari and anti-military comments, as gathered by asdeenvibez.

    According to Lai, monitoring social media is a normal practice all over the world. “Those saying that the government is going to clamp on the freedom of the press, I think they are just exaggerating the issue. Secondly, the report crediting the military that they will be monitoring the social media to me I think it is something that the military does all over the world – Monitoring speeches, monitoring actions just to balance and to ensure that there is no security threat. It does not mean that the military is going to arrest anybody or prosecute anybody.” he said

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