Strange update: Woman drugs her ex-boyfriend and tattoos her face all over his body including his genitials - Asdeen vibez

Strange update: Woman drugs her ex-boyfriend and tattoos her face all over his body including his genitials

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Some females in a relationship can ensure that their man stays with them even they they had broken up, could this be insanity? Asdeenvibez takes a look at this news..

In the aspect of Anna Gibson, 38, from Cincinnati, she drugged her exand tattoed her face all over his body, leaving almost no bare skin. After the assault, Andrew Whitmore, 44, woke up in incredible pain and soaked in blood in his ex’s apartment and realized only moments later what had really happened to him. His chest, arms, legs, back, posterior and even his genitals was covered in tattoes of his ex-girfriend's face."She even tattooed her face on my dk," Andrewtold reporters in shock. "I can’t even go pee without seeing her face on my dk and balls.""She kept screaming, no one will ever want to sleep with you again. You are mine, mine!!!" he recalls.

There were 77 tattoos in all. Officer Elliot Brown and Douglas Thompson of the CincinnatiPolice Department admit they'd never heard of such a case in all their years in the police force.Surprisingly, Whitmore did not file any complaintagainst his ex-girlfriend. Even more surprising arereports that the couple have started dating again.Whitmore explained why he did not file complaints against her. He said: "Overall, I kind of felt guilty. over the whole deal. I’m the one who cheated on her like forty times and got her on meth and crack cocaine.""And now that I’m tattooed with her face all over my body, ass cheeks and genitals, seriously,would anybody else want to hook up with me?" he said jokingly. "I mean, at the end, a vagina is a vagina, and women are basically all crazy, so why not stick around with her? What worse thing could happen? She could tattoo a swastika on my forehead like Charles Manson or something but I think she’s learned her lesson."Anna has promised local authorities to check intorehab for her addiction problems and the couple has even planned to get married in Las Vegas next year, once her treatment is completed.

Is this act by the woman wicked or she's is deeply in love with her ex?

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