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Trends:To be swiped right or a left?

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     Trends are becoming an every day thing rather than a decade or generational thing thanks to social media. Trends can happen in fashion, in the cullinary world, in the business world and so on. There are however trends that keep me second guessing or leave me wondering if a sane person started this trend. Trends can be started by even the most random of people, it can even be a family thing. The trends that will be discussed or evaluted are fashion trends that have taken the social media by storm, trends that might  have resurfaced from previous years to be a hit all over again. And mind you, everything you read is of my opinion and none else's.

      Bomber jackets were originally designed for military pilots and crew, but it has now become an apparel for civilians also, both male and female. I personally like this piece of clothing becuse you can wear it casually or you can adorn it on something sexy for a date night.The bomber jacket with the right shades, you needn't say no more. It's a swipe right and a big yes for me.

   Fanny packs (also known as a bum bag in British English) are worn around the hips or waist. Every Nigerian who has been to the market can attest to the fact that most of the women selling, and some men, wear this mini bag around their waist. Well some are trying to escape the ordinary. This bag created for the lower abdomen has been raised up a few inches higher to the middle section.

I have little or no problem with the guy in the casual wear, he could be modelling the fanny pack for all I know, but the guy in the corporate wear is an absolute no-no. The fanny pack just contradicted the whole outfit. I would totally swipe a left. 
   Frayed Denim have been around for a while but it came back more stylish, with shirts being added to it. I really like this trend because you can shred up an old Jean of yours and add it to a new piece and create a statement. It's a work of disorganization that brings about creative organization. Definitely a swipe right. 
Ripped denims tookover and caused a frenzy, but ripped leggings? This I don't understand. This material is made in such a way that anything thing could rip it, so why go on ahead to rip holes in it knowing it's not safe. Wearing something like this is like waiting for a bomb to explode. It's a left swipe for me, just a big no. 
I saved the best for last, fringes on ankara fabrics. This I absolutely love. It speaks for itself and it is a statement for weddings or other occasions. I especially love it on girls with big bust (no homo). It also works well at the bottom of a fabric, for dramatic strutting around a room
Fashion trends can also be affected by trends from other aspects of life. Most trends die or fade away fast because they're not versatile in nature. Trends, like change, is a basic necessity for human beings. Human beings cannot do without change and change is inevitable, so trends are also inevitable.

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