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5 Types of Women Men Hate

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Men usually have a certain type of girl with whom they would not like to enter into any relationship, check the list of the type of women in which they are not interested and do not be one of them.
Superficial: “They are those that put their physical and material aspect at the cost of whatever, they are looking for a simple girl, with whom they can share their interest”s.
Jealous: “The typical ones who believe themselves to be detectives and live by reviewing the cell phone and everything they find on their way because they see deceptions where there are none”.
Troublesome: “They are those who create a “problem” out of nothing, they live in anger; are those who conceive love and relationships through conflict”.
Interested: “They are the type of girls who are only interested in the type of car, house, and life that men can provide, girls who do not see beyond the wallet; nothing kills more passions than a materialistic woman”.
Super successful: “These women are independent, determined and professional women, components that appear to frighten many men

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