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    One confirmed dead as a portion of Makurdi-lafia road collapses

    A part of Federal road which serves as access road from Makurdi to Nasarawa, Abuja and other states collapsed in what appeared to be a landslide at Yelewata, in Guma Local government Area of Benue State, following the heavy rainfall in the state, Asdeenvibez gather.

    Activist, Ukan Kurugh has called on the Federal Government to fix the road before it completely collapses."In wake of the flooding in Makurdi, while houses have been submerged, a portion of the Makurdi-Lafia road at the Yelewata settlement on the outskirts of Makurdi has collapsed and just achunk of the rod is still hanging. Yesterday night,tragedy occurred as a car collapsed into the pit and one person died on the spot.
    See photo from this view:

    As a result, some angry youths in the area havebarricaded the road in demonstration. The condition is critical that, another heavy rainfall isenough to severe Makurdi and all persons passing through it from the rest of Lafia to Abuja there from.

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