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    Latest !!! WAEC Invigilators To Wear Custom Outfits To Avoid Dangerous Chemicals (see photo)

    Earlier today, WAEC disclosed that invigilators are being drugged by students in a bid to make use of ‘expos’ in the examination halls.

    In a bid to curb this practice, the academic regulatory body has launched a full fledged regalia to be worn by all WAEC invigilators before proceeding to their individual centres.
    This custom outfit comes with a water sack, a fully loaded gun and small juju.

    The academic body hopes the additional accessories would foster further co-operation between the invigilators and the little individuals hoping to come bearing gifts of dangerous chemicals hidden in food, money and soft drinks.

    A newer version of the regalia is said to be released by 2025. We believe this would come with winged-features to enable instant take-off should these little expo-carrying and chemical-wielding beauties decide to come to examination halls with grenades and IEDs.

    Do you think this is a nice idea to curb the issue of examination malpractices among students? Do well to let us know below..

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