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    LEAKED UPDATE :Explosives have been brought in and planted by the military,they plan to detonate it during voting-a soldier

    Information reaching our desk just now has it that explosive devices like bombs, grenades e t c just landed in Anambra state.

    This devices was brought by military vans and they will be use on saturday to kill anybody that will come out to vote, the military will plant those bombs on friday night so as to explode on saturday.

    According to the informant,after detonating the bombs they will spread the news that the attack was carried out by Ipob, which will be their licence to kill more people, so my advice to all Anambrans is to sit at ur conducive home don't come out inorder to save ur life and that of ur generation.

    Let what happened at enugu be an eye opener to u,..,'' cause this people are desperate To kill all of us.

    Don't say it is all about Ipob with their propaganda, this was how we for warned on other ones before they.

    All and sundry are hereby warned to be careful

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