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How Young People Become Rich, Revealed !

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It is an agreed fact that in most parts of Nigeria moral decency as set in and the society has lost both values and morals. 

The average youth is thinking about money and luxuries of life. Different forms of vices are being perpetrated by young people, incidentally, most of those things that used to be money spinners no longer yield much.

Street Journal has found out that in the quest for the easy way out of poverty, a lot of young men between the ages of 18 and 40 have opted for money rituals. 

 who wouldn’t mind to hammer (hit big money) today and die the following week”. That is to what extent morals have been eroded.

The newer form of secret cults boats of members that engage in esoteric ritual practices, human sacrifices inclusive. Street Journal’s investigations revealed that these cult groups have taken firm root in most big cities in the East. They now attract big boys who are seeking wealth, power and fame. Membership most times is made up of politicians, professionals, top civil servants, big time merchants; captains of industries, even clergymen are not left out.

Street Journal also found out that in order to prevent the groups from dying out, the older members embark on recruitment drives once in a while through which they woo prospective members. Poor young men are preferred in most cases and they are given promises of stupendous wealth if they can would perform rituals that will initiate them into membership.

Such pieces of evidence never find their ways out except the member decides to dump the group. They are also often used as a means of controlling members and ensuring that they do not deviate from the group’s objectives thus serving as a back up to the blood covenant taken by each and every member.

Some very desperate members have professed their preference to die young as long as they die rich. There were speculations years ago that that a rich young Igbo businessman who died at 44 years belonged to this category. He incidentally left 44 houses behind, he had also prepared his burial site before he passed on.

For some others, the practice of having sex with a corpse is recommended. This is said to be one of the most potent rituals in money making. In some cases however, money seekers are ordered to have sex with lunatics. A rich trader was caught pants down with a mad woman in Ogbete Main Market in Enugu about three years ago.

It has also been observed that sudden transformation often takes place in the lives of members of such cults. People that had been known to be poor would suddenly become rich and they acquire choice properties all over.

The trend for covering up the spiritual background of their wealth is to start up businesses, but these days, most of them enter politics and even run for elective offices.

It is however unfortunate that most of those who make their money through such channels are often cut down in their prime, and once someone is initiated, there is no going back.
may remain incurably mad.

I have lot of screenshoted messages below about chats of youths looking to make money.. 

Read here:-

Please stay off money rituals, it would only lead you to your doom and nothing more. Hard work pays if you are dedicated

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