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    No Nigerian Man Can Satisfy Me – Beauty Queen Reveals

    According to the beauty queen, she has decided to go celibate since no Nigerian man has been able to satisfy her.

    Although she didn’t complete the statement in her post, but a lot of her followers decoded that she actually meant sex, since she had already mentioned that she was going celibate.

    The beauty queen posted some photos of herself and then captioned it with.

    The post however got a lot of responses, as expected from her followers and trust Nigerians, every guy on her page began to sell themselves.

    Some even mentioned that she wouldn’t understand the true powers of a Nigerian youth because she must have been rolling with sugar daddies.

    onyinye_ilechukwu I have decided to remain celibate, since all the Nigerian 🇳🇬guys I have met can’t do it... . AFRICAN SOMMA

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