Igbo Presidency Will Never Come To Reality In Nigeria – MASSOB urges Igbos

The Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign States of Biafra, MASSOB, has urged Igbos to stop aspiring for Presidency in Nigeria, we gather.

According to the group, the idea of Igbo presidency was a fuss that will never come to reality in the country.
Addressing newsmen in Aba, MASSOB’s National Director of Information, Sunny Okereafor, urged Ndigbo to continue to be steadfast in their support for the agitation for an independent state of Biafra and resist the efforts by the federal government to play Ndigbo against themselves to scuttle Biafra.
Okereafor insisted that the future of Ndigbo lies in the actualization of an independent state of Biafra which will be free of marginalization and nepotism as well as promotion of one religion above the other.

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He said: “Ndigbo should beware that there is nothing like Igbo presidency in Nigeria. It will never work. They have started promising that an Igbo man will become president in 2019 or 2023, but this is just another game to curry the support of the Igbo man for the next election.
“Whether in 2019, 2023 or 2027, no Igbo man can become president in Nigeria. Is this not the same promise they made to handover to Dr. Alex Ekwueme in 1987? Did it come to pass? The Nigerian federation is highly structured Ndigbo; there is too much hostility and hatred against the Igbo man in Nigeria.

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“Where is the place of the Igbo man in Nigeria? Ndigbo are third class citizens. Now, Igbo governors are queuing up over who will become Vice President to the North. It is a shame, MASSOB won’t allow this to continue. Any Igbo man dreaming about becoming the president of Nigeria is only deceiving himself. The future of the Igbo man lies in the actualization of Biafra.”

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