Cashier Flashes Her B.reast To A Customer During Fight In A Restaurant (Photos)

A cashier had a clash with a customer at an Ohio restaurant and bar flashed her Breast and said, ‘That’s my t*t bi**h.’ The fight occurred at closing time at Mr. Zub’s Deli in Akron, Ohio, and was captured on tape by the customer.

It’s unclear what started the argument, but the video begins with the female cashier telling the female customer that she wouldn’t be getting her money back, while the customer says the cashier took her food and threw it away.

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After explaining that the customer’s companion had asked for her money back, while the customer demands that her food be returned, the cashier appears to lose her patience and walk away from the customer.

From off camera, the cashier can then be heard yelling, ‘Everybody get the f**k out! Get the f**k out!’

When the customer refuses to leave, saying that the cashier is ‘weird as f**k,’ the male restaurant employee says he’s going to call the police and tells the customer to leave because she doesn’t belong in the restaurant. The cashier ‘works here and you don’t. We are closed!’ he says.

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The customer and the male employee continue to argue and then things take an unexpected turn.

See photo below:

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