Businessman commits suicide with son and wife; two-year-old daughter survives

Businessman commits suicide with son and wife

A businessman committed suicide along with his wife and son on Thursday, July 19th in Bhavnagar, India.


Scrape trader, Nilesh Upadhyay and two of his family members ended their lives by consuming poison, while his two-year-old daughter, who survived, was sitting beside her mom’s body and was trying to wake her up.

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According to reports by the police, a suicide note was found in their home. Nilesh’s door was locked from inside on Wednesday and after frequent knocking, nobody replied from home.

Sensing seriousness of the incident, neighbours immediately called cops.

When cops broke open the doors of Nilesh’s home, they found Nilesh, his wife and their eight-year-old son dead.

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From primary investigation, the police found that Nilesh’s financial crisis could be the reason behind this extreme step.

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