Emotional moment daughter breaks down in tears when her struggling father presents her with her dream dress for a school event (video)

A teenager, who was told couldn’t have the dress of her dreams because her dad couldn’t afford it, was reduced to tears when her struggling dad showed up at her workplace to present the dress to her.

The girl saw the dress and fell in love with it. She badly wanted it for her 8th grade formal, which is a big deal, but her dad, who works three jobs told her he couldn’t afford it. Then, while she was at work, her father turned up to surprise her.

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At first, she looked unimpressed when her dad came in, but when he showed her the dress, she couldn’t control herself and she jumped up, hugged him, and cried so hard.

The emotional video was shared by the boutique that sold the dress and they captioned it:

Now this is really what being a dad is all about! ?
Her dad works three jobs and surprised her with her dream dress for 8th grade formal after telling her it was not a financial possibility. 
He made it happen and surprised her at work! Definitely daddy’s little girl! ?? Amazing dads go above and beyond for their kids day in and day out! 

Watch the emotional video below.

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