LG innovations laying the foundation for future cities

LG innovations laying the foundation for future cities

A renowned Professor of Economics Richard Baldwin once predicted that “Hotel room in London could be cleaned by people driving robots sitting in Kenya or Buenos Aires or wherever in the world”. This is a clear indication that the world would someday be driven by advanced robotic technologies as we are presently witnessing the introduction of these innovative technologies in the market. We can find these devices in our homes, offices and public spaces. The advent of these devices would no doubt help in quickening the timely completion of task and also boost productivity.

With the astronomical rate at which manufacturers are infusing robotic technologies in their product features it would be safe to say this would mark a substantial shift in the way consumers think about the role of technology in their everyday lives. This is the time to brace up and face the undisputable reality that the era of robotic technology is no longer in the future but right here with us. LG Electronics is in the forefront of championing these technological innovations that would impact greatly on the existence of mankind.

Robots will have a massive impact on life of consumers in the decades to come, and some consumers already prefer interacting with machines. While we can expect to see robots first debut in public areas, it is only a matter of time before they become affordable and accessible to the average household. The explosion of accessibility will result in a wide range of different models for almost every conceivable purpose. No matter how they are implemented, robots and automated systems will be a vital part of the future city. 

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LG’s range of OLED signage solutions offer the ideal package for future city planners looking to liven up public areas with interactive displays. In addition to offering the highly accurate picture quality that has made OLED famous, these screens are both flexible and dual-sided. This means that there will be less wasted space and installers will get more of an impact per panel. These adaptive OLED screens can be tailor made for any location. 
However, the emergence of smart home technology has totally altered dialogue about the role of technology around living rooms. Technology has advanced to a level that it now communicates and get individual components connected to guarantee efficiency and greater optimization in the home. LG’s Hub robot is a very good example of technology that can address the concerns of an entire smart home cum city together, under a single-user friendly interface. Amazon Alexa’s voice recognition technology easily allows the robot to connect to other smart LG home appliances, bringing them under a single streamlined ecosystem. LG has indeed broken ground in robots designed for residential spaces with the CLOi smart home interface and even robotic vacuums.

Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr. Taeick Son said: “The future is here with us therefore we must fully embrace technological advancement that is sustainable and can seamlessly fit into a smart city livable for consumers. We will continue to ensure that our innovative products are in line with the master plan for an ideal smart future city.” 
Moreover, LG Commercial Air Conditioning solution clearly shows how LG has continuously pushed the beyond the border lines, in order to deliver practical benefits for users that impact the most important aspects of their daily lives. Equipped with advanced inverter linear compressors, the efficient designs and superlative performance of the Air Conditioner has obviously set a new standard in the industry. Designed with sustainability in mind, this outstanding product gives a hint into climate control technology that will define the next century

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LG Energy Management System (EMS) achieves dramatic energy savings through data analysis and cutting-edge simulation software. EMS and other modes of smart energy consumption will play a significant role in shaping the future development of society. By opening this second front in the war on energy waste it will be possible to cut down on pollution while stretching the lifespan of existing energy reserves until renewable are fully viable. LG EMS for buildings, factories, homes and micro grids have been recognized for their excellence by IDEA and Red Dot Awards.

Green management strategies adopted by LG Electronics across each of its business unit is one of the ways to ensure that the future city is devoid of pollutants within the ecosystem to enhance competitiveness through climate control technology imbedded in its future-oriented innovative products.

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