Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala appointed into board of Twitter

Congrats to her but it’s confirmed that she left Nigeria worse off then she met it. Me and you monitor/mange an account for our principals to which I am the signatory. Each time we meet to discuss the account statement the balance is different(less) and I say to you I was instructed by my principal to make the withdrawal. After months of this, you say let’s split the balance and continues sharing it going forward. My principal (through his vice) calls a meeting PLEADING for understanding your principals(governors) refuse and go to court forcing the sharing. You get about 48% and I get 52%. Years later I say you did not allow us to save. Questions are NOI if you even wasted all your 48% how is it my business? Secondly, how come it is when you call me/my principal out that I remember we need to save? Thirdly, why did I not save my share and I am particular about your share?

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