Nigerian doctor shocks her followers with story of a mother who was reluctant to let them treat her daughter because it involved breaking her hymen

A Nigerian teenager was suffering from “imperforate hymen” and the only way to treat her was to break her hymen, but her mother was reluctant because this meant her daughter will not bleed on her wedding night to prove to her husband that she’s a virgin.

According to Doctor Chioma, popularly known as Zobo Sipper, the girl had never menstruated in her life because she has an Imperforate hymen, a condition where the hymen completely covers the vagina, making it impossible for fluids such as menstrual blood and discharge to leave the body. This condition meant that all the menstrual blood and discharges accumulated in the girl’s tummy, causing her to have a swollen belly.

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When her mother was informed that the treatment was to break the hymen, the woman wouldn’t hear of it and was more concerned about her daughter bleeding on her wedding night so her husband can “value” her.

Read the interesting incident as narrated by the doctor below.

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